le Raison d’Etre Yoga Joy Littleton

“To provide a supportive sanctuary whereby each soul participating and contributing to the community can find and refine their connection to whole health and wellness through a path of yoga and meditation”

We are honored to be a part of the Littleton community and in creating a neighborhood sanctuary for healing, nourishment and connection. Yoga, fitness and wellness of body, mind and spirit are deeply shared passions and have been an integral part of our lives. Embracing symbolism through nature and by invoking the healing power of animals, Yoga Joy Littleton emulates the joyfulness of the hummingbird, the spiritual protection of the peacock and the gentleness, grace and reverence of the deer to inspire and remind us of our wisdom and power we hold within ourselves. Our prayer of intention is that we provide a space that feels like an oasis of peace and serenity where you are empowered to learn and practice yoga and develop as a whole, healthy, vibrant being.

Whether you are new to yoga or meditation or are a seasoned practitioner, have significant health challenges as a result of a medical issue or have a military disability or injury, our wish is that you may quiet your mind and sustain a connection to your higher self. All are welcome and will be unconditionally respected and supported. At Yoga Joy Littleton, it is our intention and our sincere desire to provide support for your practice in a healing sanctuary steeped in the vibrations of love, joy, respect and self-empowerment.

Our sole purpose is to offer a safe, clean and inviting haven for your yoga and meditation practice within a judgment free, kindred community of yogis, yoginis and skillful and caring master teachers who support you in starting and maintaining a health and wellness practice and finding that deep place of stillness inside that instills peace of heart, resilience in body and mental strength.

Come discover Yoga Joy Littleton for your yoga and meditation practices. Enjoy a warm cup of tea, and healing and nourishment within a kindred community. Rediscover the eternal river of connection and reverence so that all you encounter on your journey is reflected through the looking glass of Love and optimal wellness.


Our Imagery

Yoga Joy Littleton’s logo is derived from the imagery inspired by Stacey and created by Genevieve Smith of Magpie Painting that adorns the waterfall dividing the meditation sanctuary from the studio reception space constructed by H2O Waterwalls. Designed to suggest the subtle energy centers of the human chakra system as depicted through mostly Colorado native wildflowers. The hummingbird of joy drinking from the crown chakra was chosen as our transformative brand image in the spring of 2018.

What calls to you here? Can you see the tiny ladybug crawling towards the red Indian Paintbrush root chakra? Can you hear the innocent lilt of the childhood sing-song ladybug, ladybug fly away home…? Are you working on your own grounding to Mother Earth, within your body and to your life?

Or does your eye carry to the vibrant orange trumpet flower where the unfolding of your own sweet nectar of creation and attraction energy is vibrating? This is the second or sacral chakra from which our sources of emotional and sexual presence emanate. Open yourself to love with the enticing scent of this honeysuckle flower or humbly share your accomplishments and welcome the appreciation and notice within our wider world … receive the emotional healing that is yours by divine right and honor your quest for equality and respect. Do not shy away from being seen and desired for who you are!

Perhaps the only focus you have at the moment is the powerful and dynamic yellow Sunflower that bursts with the vitality and nourishment of solar fire? The solar plexus third chakra center is the bed of germination for our own personal will and power … water your own seeds of self-empowerment and creativity and flourish with the vibrance and majesty of the regal Sunflower!

But what is that sweet, magical butterfly up to … alighting upon the green heart lily? Is your own heart center emerging from a chrysalis of transformation or a cocoon of darkness into the splendor of a promising springtime renewal in your life? Are you ready to integrate and balance all of your experience? The fourth or heart chakra is the bridge between heaven and earth, above and below … tap into that regenerative heart light and glow with compassion and love for self and others, ignite the rhythmic heartbeat and migratory cadence of peaceful sustainability and balance!

Notice the amorphous nature of the blue throat chakra – is it that mystical Lotus flower emerging from the primordial mud of the human experience? Or is it the divine gift of the unexpected azure blooms of the healing, Chironic Cornflower that you stumbled upon in your tearful and determined hike to burn and bury your letters of forgiveness as both prayer and ritual into the bosom of Mother Earth? Embody the ethereal vibrations of the fifth throat chakra in all you do. Speak your own truth with respect for others’ path as well … Sing your song of devotion with mirth and reverence … Own the power in your own voice!

Like those tender, beautiful indigo colored Irises that bloom along the rich, fertile banks of mountain streams and scatter themselves among the untamed boulder-fields, be bold but intuitively perceive when you need to stay low to be protected from the torrential storms raging above and around you … Be inspired to stand out, like a clarion call of truth and gentle strength to abusive power dynamics … Stay connected to your own inspiration and vibrance through your third eye chakra, that is where you will always find the inner knowing.

Hummingbird seeks to drink deeply from the well of spiritual nectar awaiting inside the protective sheath of the flower. Is that an orchid, in all its graceful and fertile excellence? Is it the state’s pronounced Columbine that now holds such a duality of vibration here in Littleton, Colorado? Columbine flowers with their five petals have been used to represent innocence and the Holy Spirit as doves – the nature of the five vibration is grounded in freedom, change and choice, as our five senses give us the tools of discernment and discovery. Native American wisdom teaches us all about the medicine of animals and the gift of hummingbird is the pure JOY of existence, flying in all directions, with a magical ease and motivated by their love for the sweet nectar of awakening. Transcend with the Universal wisdom available through connection to Divine Grace! All reverent paths share fundamental truths and the same tenets of LOVE. Do you see the connectedness in all sacred teachings? Open your being to receive the immense, healing and transformation that is always on offer to each and every one of us as creatures of God – no matter what name or symbol you identify with to represent that energy and vibration of Oneness. Connect through your crown chakra as you look into the eyes of other beings here sharing this tiny planet we call home. We can all enjoy the nectar and bounty of the garden as we fly to each flowering experience of evolution. Let’s remember to hold hands a bit more often and laugh together and share the graham crackers and milk with everyone too, shall we? It’s so much nicer to lay your head on the pillow in fulfillment and peace as we close our eyes towards the restful dreams and awakening into the next stage of our journey of the soul …

Namaste my friend … thank you for sharing with us here at Yoga Joy Littleton. May your yogic path take you to states of being that feed and nourish you completely – body, mind and spirit! The light in me honors the light in you.

Meet Bob and Stacey Kehr

Bob Kehr – Bob is an extreme sportsman and has spent a lifetime in service to others both utilizing his advanced engineering degrees within the Intelligence Community and defense industry for several large private companies and with over two decades as a United States Air Force officer in Special Operations contributing to the Aeronautical Systems Division. He ended his military service with high accolades after overseeing the building of the advanced Electro-optical system facility for the Maui Space Surveillance Site. Bob was forced to retire from his leadership role at Raytheon when he suffered a massive stroke as a result of a mountain biking accident in 2013.

Stacey Goddard – Stacey found yoga as a teenager and has rediscovered the multi-faceted benefits of a yogic path many times throughout all phases of her life. Asana (the postures) pranayama (the breath) bhakti (devotion to God) and jhana/dhyana (meditation/connection through stillness, intuition and inquiry) have served as strong components in recovery from serious medical issues and as a grounding foundation for her to meet all the twists and turns that the Universe serves up to help us learn as souls in a body. Stacey is committed to bringing new healing modalities and enhancement programs to Yoga Joy Littleton to support the community regardless of financial or physical barriers of those in need. It is her passion to create a space where the community can come together and heal on all levels. Stacey’s professional career is in strategic finance in both higher education and corporate settings, and her degree is in international business.